Empty homes

empty homes

Empty homes can bring down an area. They can attract arson attacks, squatting, burglary, fly tipping, drug usage and general mindless behaviour, which has an emotional effect on the people living nearby. A neglected empty home can cause damage to adjoining properties and can devalue neighbouring properties.

There are many benefits to bringing empty homes back to life, for the owner, the local community and people requiring housing.

We aim to bring homes that have been empty for a long time back into use to improve the standard of housing in the city and to bring life back into our communities. We have made various partnerships and developed many tools to help owners to bring their empty property back into use.

Here we provide information to owners, the community, and anyone else with an interest, on the subject of private empty homes, highlighting the impact upon the community and the various solutions and enforcement tools available.

To report an empty property:
Tel: 01782 234234
Email: enquiries@stoke.gov.uk 

Empty homes strategy
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