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The housing and customer Services department of Stoke-on-Trent City Council manages and maintains a stock of over 19,000 council homes through a partnership with Kier Stoke.

On this page and on the links on the left, you can find lots of information about the Housing Solutions Service and the different ways we can help you if you want or need to find a new home. Also to your left is a link to a page of some low demand available council properties

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has recently reviewed its Housing Allocation Policy, click on the attachment at the bottom of the page to view the policy.

There is further information on this page about how the council allocates its social housing under the new policy.

What is the Housing Solutions Service?

The Housing Solutions Service at Stoke-on-Trent City Council is based at 1 Smithfield, Leonard Coates Way, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

Everyone is entitled to free advice from the council. Our Housing Solutions Service offers a wide range of housing related advice if you are facing difficulties keeping your home. We can offer advice on:

• How to find suitable accommodation;
• Ways of preventing the loss of your current home; and
• What your legal rights are as a tenant or home owner.

Exactly how the service can help you will depend very much on your personal circumstances. We can also signpost to other relevant organisations if you need more specialist advice.

There is a link to the Housing Solutions Service standards at the bottom of this page under related files.

What if I want to go onto the Housing Register?

We have recently reviewed our Housing Allocation Policy in line with central Government’s plans for social housing reform. The main aims of the new policy are:

• To help the most vulnerable people in society and;
• To make better use of the council's stock in times of housing shortage

An officer from the Housing Solutions Service will talk to you about your circumstances and your reasons for wanting to register for a council house.

If you are currently living in unsuitable accommodation, our policy states that you are in housing need. You may be offered a full housing needs assessment with a Housing Needs Officer, which will help you to think about what you need and what options are best for you. Officers will talk to you about all of the options available, as council housing is not always the best choice for everyone.

If you currently live in accommodation that is suitable, but you have a desire to move into a council property, you do not have a housing need within our new policy. If this is the case, we will discuss what other options there are available to you.

If you require any further information or advice please contact us:
Tel: 01782 233696
Email Housing.AdviceServices@stoke.gov.uk


What if I have nowhere to stay tonight?

If you have nowhere to stay tonight, you should contact the Housing Solutions Service immediately.
Our duty officer will ask you some questions about your situation to determine the best course of action. In some cases, we can only offer advice and guidance, if you are considered a priority you may be entitled to some temporary, emergency accommodation whilst we make further enquiries into your homelessness.


Making an Application for Social Housing

An application for social housing can be made in the following ways:

• In person at 1 Smithfield, Leonard Coates Way, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.
• By telephone on 01782 233696
• Via email at housing.adviceservices@stoke.gov.uk

Information on making an application will also be made available at www.stoke.gov.uk

An application will usually be registered under the head of the households’ name. A joint application can be made where a tenancy will be shared by two people. Information on all individuals that are to be rehoused within the household must be included at the application stage


What changes have been made to the Housing Allocations Policy?

The Housing Allocations Policy has been reviewed to make sure that housing is being allocated in a clear and fair way. Below is a brief summary of the changes that have been made to the policy. The changes have been made after talking to people from lots of different organisations and to members of the public in Stoke-on-Trent to get their views.

If you are in housing need, i.e. living in unsuitable accommodation, you may be offered a Housing Needs Assessment with a Housing Needs Officer and given the option to join the Housing Register. If you join the Housing Register, you will be placed in one of four bands depending on your level of need.

• People with no housing need will not be placed within the four bands.
• Housing Needs Officers will determine the best way to assess your circumstances, this may involve either a telephone or face to face interview 

The Choice Based Lettings system has been taken away. A more personal property matching system has taken its place. You will still have to choose the areas where you want to live, but instead of placing bids on properties, you will be encouraged to tell us exactly what your needs are in order to match you with the most suitable property.

To see the main changes to our allocations policy and if it affects you click here

Below is a basic guide to the three Housing Needs bands:

Band 1 – Urgent Need

Urgent Medical Need
Severe Overcrowding – deficient by three or more bedrooms
Homeless and owed a full duty
Social and Welfare – Exceptional Need

Health and Safety grounds – Exceptional Need

Armed Forces personnel, or their spouses, with an urgent level of housing need


Band 2 – High Need

All applicants who meet one or more of the following:

Overcrowding – deficient by two bedrooms
Ready to move on from Supported Housing or Approved Premises (including those leaving the care of Stoke-on-Trent City Council)
Medical Grounds – given a high priority for medical assessment
Council tenants who are under-occupying by two or more bedrooms
Health and Safety
Discretionary Cases
Housing Needs - Prevention Cases


Band 3 – Low Need with Community Contribution

All applicants in this band will meet the criteria outlined for community contribution and one or more of the following:

Other homeless categories
Welfare Grounds
Medical Grounds – given a medium priority for medical assessment
Council tenants who are under-occupying by one bedroom
Households interested in Retirement Properties with no other housing need
Overcrowding – deficient by one bedroom



Band 4 – Low Need

All applicants who do not meet the community contribution criteria but who meet one or more of the following:

Other homeless categories
Welfare Grounds
Medical Grounds – given a medium priority for medical assessment
Council tenants who are under-occupying by one bedroom
Households interested in Retirement Properties with no other housing need
Overcrowding – deficient by one bedroom


Community contribution is explained in the policy - see attachment at the bottom of the page 


To see what property type you are eligible for please see the table below


Household Type Number of Bedrooms
Single person or couple aged over 60 One bedroom (Two bedrooms in cases of medical need may be considered)
Single person aged under 60 One bedroom
Couple – both aged under 60 One bedroom
Pregnant woman (with or without partner) Two bedrooms
Families with one child under 18 Two bedrooms
Families with two children of the same sex where both children are aged under 16 years Two bedrooms
Families with two children (aged under 16) of the opposite sex where the older child is over 10 years Three bedrooms
Families with two children of the same sex where the eldest child is over 16
Three bedrooms


The `Right to Move' Statutory Guidance April 2015 From April 2016 new guidance is in place to ensure that social housing tenants wishing to move to another Local Authority area for work related reasons can do so. This means that existing social tenants in other Local Authority areas in England who need to move to Stoke-on-Trent because the tenant works or has been offered work in the city do not need to demonstrate a local connection in order to join the Housing Register. We have amended our procedures to reflect this change. If you are moving to the city to take up an offer of work or you already work in the city and wish to move here you can discuss this with the Housing Solutions Service or include information in the `Why do you want to move?' section of the online application form. Where are council homes located across the city?

To view information about the location, types and sizes of our council stock please see the stock and void turnover attachment below.


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