What can I put in my bin?

In Stoke-on-Trent you might have different combinations of bins depending on what waste collection/recycling round you are on. If you're not sure what waste collection round you're on, please use this link.

The table shows you what you can put in each bin.

grey wheelie bin This bin is for general waste that can't be recycled or composted. Yes to:
* bagged animal or pet waste  * bagged disposable nappies * cool ashes from fires * plastic food packaging including tetra packs drinks cartons * food waste * old style light bulbs (not energy efficient types) * shredded paper 
No to:
* hot ash * soil * rubble * paint tins * electrical items * energy efficient light bulbs
 blue recycling wheelie bin This bin is for materials for recycling

Yes to:
* cardboard (including pizza boxes, cereal packets, corrugated cardboard) * household cleaning bottles * yoghurt pots * meat trays * margarine and ice-cream tubs * glass bottles and jars * tetra pakscans and tins * clean foil * empty aerosols * plastic milk bottles * soft drinks bottles * shampoo bottles * detergent bottles

Important: you must take off all bottle tops before you put the bottles in the bin.

"Recycle one more plastic bottle per week and give it the chance to be reborn as a great new product"

For more information about bottle recycling see www.recoup.org/p/225/pledge4plastics

No to:
* food waste * polystyrene trays and packaging * plastic bags and wrapping * Pyrex, broken glass and drinking glasses * engine oil bottles * paint tins * plant pots * children's toys * bin liners * light bulbs


 brown recycling wheelie bin This bin is for organic materials for composting Yes to:
* all cooked and uncooked food waste * garden waste including hedge cuttings, cut flowers, prunings and plants, twigs and small branches * grass cuttings and leaves * vegetarian pet waste
No to:
* cardboard * plastic packaging or wrapping of any sort * plastic bags * liquids * oil or liquid fat * drink cartons * bricks and rubble * soil and turf * plant pots * biodegradable food bags * cat or dog waste * bin liners * polystyrene * treated wood
 Cartoon man holding a green kerbside recycling box This bin is for different things depending whether you have a blue bin or not

In your green box (if you have a blue bin) - yes to:
* newspapers and magazines * junk mail and catalogues * Yellow Pages and telephone directories (you must not put cardboard in this green box - it goes in your blue bin)

In your green box (f you don't have a blue bin) - yes to:
glass * tins * cans * plastic bottles * cardboard
Then use your blue bag for * newspapers and magazines * junk mail and catalogues * Yellow Pages and telephone directories

In your green box (if you're on a blue bin collection round but don't have a blue bin) - yes to:
* newspapers and magazines * junk mail and catalogues * Yellow Pages and telephone directories (you must not put cardboard in this green box - it goes in your grey bin or take it to your local household waste and recycling centre)

Please note: more than one of the same catalogue is classed as business waste which is a charged service.

All schemes - no to:
* envelopes and sticky labels

General information

As well as your blue/brown bin you may also receive a small silver caddy. You can use this in your home to store organic/food waste that would go into your brown bin. This should make it easier to transport these items into your brown wheelie bin.

If you don't have a brown wheelie bin but do still have a silver caddy, you can put the organic/food waste into your grey bin.

Blue bin:

  • please don't put recyclables inside sacks or carrier bags - just put them in the bin
  • please remove all lids from glass bottles and jars and put them in your grey bin with the general waste
  • please don't put light bulbs in your blue bin - we can't recycle them! If you need to get rid of energy efficient light bulbs you need to take them to your nearest household waste and recycling centre. To find your nearest one, please use the link from this page.
  • if you rinse items before you put them in the bin, it will keep it clean and stop your bin from smelling. It also helps us when we recycle your items.

Brown bin:

  • please don't put organic waste in bags before you put it in the bin - they contaminate the material and we can't recycle it for compost
  • to reduce the risk of maggots and flies follow these simple tips:
    • cover your food waste with garden waste - this will stop the smells that flies are attracted to
    • rinse your bin regularly
    • use an insecticide strip inside your bin
    • wrap food waste in a bag or paper and put it in your grey bin instead
  • if you need more than one brown bin you can buy extra ones from us. To do this please call us on 01782 234000.

Grey bin:

  • please check you're not throwing away anything that we can recycle or compost
  • remember to put your waste in fastened carrier bags or bin liners - this will stop your bin from smelling
  • some households can't have wheelie bins - they get black sacks instead. We deliver these to you once a year. Other households use bags and boxes - you still get the same collection service. Communal properties have larger bins to share with neighbours
  • families of five or more permanent residents can have a larger bin for their general waste. If you need a larger bin call us on 01782 234000.
  • you can put old style light bulbs in your grey bin but please take the newer energy efficient ones to your nearest household waste and recycling centre.
clear textile recycling bag This bag is for recycling textiles and shoes Yes to:
* clean dry clothing * paired shoes and handbags * curtains * sheets * towels * blankets
No to:
* duvets * pillows *soiled clothes

 Clear bag

  • please make sure all items are tied securely to keep them dry - don't use black sacks!
  • we will collect your clear bag with your blue bin or green box and give you a new clear bag
  • if you don't get a replacement bag or want more bags please call us on 01782 234000.


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