What can I put in my bin?

In Stoke-on-Trent you might have different combinations of bins depending on what waste collection/recycling round you are on. If you're not sure what waste collection round you're on, please use this link.

The table shows you what you can put in each bin.


This bin is for recycling

Yes please to:                                    

  • Empty plastic bottles without tops (put tops in the bin separately and other clean plastic pots, tubs and trays with either of these symbols on the bottom

  • Clean steel and aluminium food and drink cans, foil and aerosols.
  • Washed glass bottles and jars with tops or lids removed, placed tops/lids in bin separately.
  • Squashed cardboard without tape. 
  • Food and drink cartons
  • Washed items from the above list


No thanks to:       

  • Nappies
  • Food or liquid
  • Paper
  • Toys
  • Polystyrene
  • Housewares (e.g.  storage containers, drinking glasses, saucepans, baking trays)
  • Electrical equipment (anything with a plug or batteries)
  • Black microwaveable food trays
  • Do not put your recycling in bags. Leave it loose in the bin
  • Light bulbs
  This box is for recycling different things, depending on your collection round

On a blue bin collection round?
Yes please to:

  • office, printer and writing paper
  • newspapers, magazines and leaflets
  • catalogues and directories
  • junk mail and greetings cards
  • envelopes

Not on a blue bin round?
Yes please to: 

  • Items listed above for the blue bin

Not on a blue bin round?
Yes please to:

  • items listed above for the blue bin
  • use the blue bag for paper items listed above

 No thanks to:

  • shredded paper
  • plastic film (please remove the plastic film from around magazines etc) 


  This bin is for recycling (composting) garden and food waste

 Yes please to:

  • Garden plant waste
  • Food waste

 No thanks to:

  • Cardboard or paper
  • Animal or human poo
  • Soil or turf
  • Bricks or rubble
  • Wood or plastics
  This bin is for general waste

 Yes please to:

  • General waste
  • Wrapped up food waste

 No thanks to:

  • Recyclables 
  • Bricks or rubble
  • Electrical equipment
  • Batteries
  • Energy efficient light bulbs
  • Paint or oil


Blue bin

  • if you need more than one blue bin you can buy an extra one from us. To do this please call 01782 234000.

Brown bin:

  • to reduce the risk of maggots and flies follow these simple tips:
    • cover your food waste with garden waste - this will stop the smells that flies are attracted to
    • use an insecticide strip inside your bin
  • if you need more than one brown bin you can buy extra  an one from us. To do this please call us on 01782 234000.

Grey bin:

  • some households can't have wheelie bins - they get black sacks instead. We deliver these to you once a year. Other households use bags and boxes - you still get the same collection service. Communal properties have larger bins to share with neighbours
  • families of five or more permanent residents can have a larger bin for their general waste. If you need a larger bin call us on 01782 234000.
  • you can put old style light bulbs in your grey bin but please take the newer energy efficient ones to your nearest household waste and recycling centre.
clear textile recycling bag This bag is for recycling textiles and shoes Yes to:
* clean dry clothing * paired shoes and handbags * curtains * sheets * towels * blankets
No to:
* duvets * pillows *soiled clothes

 Clear bag

  • please make sure all items are tied securely to keep them dry - don't use black sacks!
  • we will collect your clear bag with your blue bin or green box and give you a new clear bag
  • if you don't get a replacement bag or want more bags please call us on 01782 234000.