Household waste - general information

In most parts of Stoke-on-Trent we offer an alternating recycling and waste collection service. Your recycling bins are emptied one week and your general waste the following week. However, if you live in a terraced property you will probably receive a weekly grey bin collection and then a kerbside green box collection every fortnight.

Click here to find out when your collection day is.

During Christmas and New Year holiday period, your waste collections may change. If this happens, we will let you know in advance so that you know when your next collection will be.
Here's how the service works and what we expect from you:

Your bins must be ready for collection by 7am on your collection day. If you don't know when that is you can call us on 01782 234000, email or click here to check our online waste collection calendars.

Put your bins at the edge of your property or at the collection point so it's not in anyone's way.
Please don't put items in your bin that could be a health and safety hazard to our collectors and please wrap sharp objects securely.

You must have your bin lid closed. Bins won't be emptied if they are overloaded or too heavy. Extra items will not be collected. Please take your bin back onto your property on the same day as your collection or you could be fined.

Please keep your collection calendar safe. This will remind you of your collection dates.

Assisted Collections
If you have difficulty putting your bin out for collection, we may be able to help. For more information please call us on 01782 234234 or email This service is not available if there is an able bodied adult living in the property.

If you already get an assisted collection you will carry on getting help.

Black Sacks
If you use black sacks we will collect these from the point of storage on your property. If you wish to place your sack(s) out for collection please only do so on the day of collection.
If we collect your rubbish in black sacks we don't expect you to leave it on the edge of or outside your property. Although some people still do this. Sacks placed out on the wrong day of collection can cause serious and offensive littering when subject to the weather or damage by animals. If you keep putting your sacks out other than on the day of collection, you will be liable to a instant fixed penalty notice. For more information, please follow the link to our Environmental Crime page.
You can help us achieve better environmental standards by not placing your sacks outside your property and making sure that access is available. If you prefer to leave sacks outside your property, do this just before the time of collection.

When making access available please make sure that pet dogs are indoors or are securely fastened up at an appropriate distance from the bins.

Please also make sure that no sharp objects such as broken glass or knives are placed in the plastic sacks, unless securely wrapped to prevent injury - for example, in several layers of newspaper.

We have a duty under section 45 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to collect and dispose of household waste. As part of that duty we also provide a trade waste service. For more information on the responsibilities of businesses with regards to their waste, click on the links on this page or call 01782 234234 email

Missed bin
If your bin has been missed please fill out this form to report a missed bin. We'll arrange for a collection as soon as possible.

New bin
If your bin has been stolen or you have just moved in and need a bin, please ring us on 01782 234234.

Looking after your wheeled bin
You are responsible for your bin, but it remains the property of the council. If you move, you must leave your bin behind. If you move into a new property in the city and you don’t have a wheeled bin, just contact us to request one.

We can only replace broken bins free of charge if the damage has been done by the refuse crew while we're emptying them. However, if damage is caused by misuse like putting hot ashes into the bin, you will be asked to pay for a new one.

Bins which have become unfit for use through general wear and tear or age can be replaced free of charge, but we will work with you to look at your bin on a case-by-case basis. Please call 01782 234234 and speak to our team.

General household waste which can easily be contained in a wheeled bin or sack is collected free of charge. A nominal charge is made for bulky household waste items. Use the link to our bulky waste page for details.