Waste and Recycling

Collection takes place on the same day each week unless otherwise advised.

Bin collections take place as normal on bank holidays, except Christmas and New Year.

Here are the collection dates for over the Christmas period 

Monday, December 19 Saturday, December 17
Tuesday, December 20 Monday, December 19
Wednesday, December 21 Tuesday, December 20
Thursday, December 22 Wednesday, December 21
Friday, December 23 Thursday, December 22
Monday, December 26 Friday, December 23
Tuesday, December 27 Saturday, December 24
Wednesday, December 28 Remaining the same
Thursday, December 29 Remaining the same
Friday, December 30 Remaining the same
Monday, January 2 Saturday, December 31

find out what you can put in each bin please click here

Find out when your bin will be collected by clicking here
If no results are returned when you do a search please email:  domwaste.calendar@stoke.gov.uk  with your name, email address, street name and post code and we will send it to you.

How do I order a new bin?

If you need a new bin please call us on 01782 234234 or email: enquiries@stoke.gov.uk