Noise pollution

We investigate noise complaints including:
  • disturbance from neighbours (such as loud music and televisions, barking dogs and DIY noise); 
  • amplified music from pubs and clubs;
  • car alarms;
  • construction site noise;
  • industrial noise;
  • noise from mineral extraction/quarrying; and
  • noise in the street such as ice cream vans.

If you would like to contact us in connection with any of the above please call 01782 232065 or email





Night time noise

A Night Time Noise Service is available at certain times of the year, mainly through the summer months.

The service operates at times when it is most needed and availability may vary to meet peak demand.

The aim of the service is to provide a response, and if possible a resolution, to night time noise problems when they are occurring.

For further information and advice or to report a noise problem and access our services, please call 01782 234234.