Traded school support services

In addition to the core services we provide free of charge to most schools in Stoke-on-Trent, we offer a wide range of additional support services for schools to purchase to meet their own specific needs. This includes bespoke packages of support. Our skills and experience ensure schools get real value for money and support to achieve positive outcomes for their pupils.

Finding the services you require

We offer several different professional services to support schools. Our ‘Directory of Traded School Support Services 2015-16 provides an overview of what is on offer including a description of each service and the benefits to your school.

To help you find what you are looking for we have grouped our services in to four themes:

  • Business and management support - professional services providing strategic and operational support to schools and settings.
  • Facilities Management - Practical support services to ensure a healthy and safe environment for pupils and staff.
  • Learner support - Quality services providing specialist support for pupil education and development.
  • School and professional development - Comprehensive improvement and support services for curriculum and practitioner development.

You can download our 2015-16 directory on the Traded School Support Services website by following this link


Quality assurance

We strive to continually improve our services and we value your feedback. Any queries regarding services should be made directly to the relevant service contact.

Contact details for all services can be found on the traded team services pages - click here to view  


Requesting our services

To request services please contact the relevant service.

Contact details for all services can be found on the traded services team pages - click here to view  


Contacting us

If you have a general enquiry about our support services please contact