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The Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent for 2014/15 is Councillor Majid Khan.  Follow the link on this page to the Current Lord Mayor to find out more about Majid.
Lord Mayor FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
1 - How do I invite the Lord Mayor to my event?
The request for mayoral attendance document (Civic Engagement Sheet) is used so that all invitations are a standardised format and include information such as the nature of the event, parking arrangements, dress requirements and a specific arrival time. You can use the online form available to download at the foot of this page, or request a form posted to you.
After the Lord Mayor's Office / Councillor and Civic Support Team have received your request for attendance form and the Lord Mayor's availability is known, a reply will be sent within 10 working days.
2 - How does the Lord Mayor get to be Lord Mayor?
Stoke-on-Trent`s Lord Mayor has just one year in office, which runs from May to May. Each year, long serving City Councillors may nominate themselves for the role. Any member of the public who becomes a City Councillor may therefore become Lord Mayor.
3 - How do I address the Lord Mayor in a letter or in conversation? 
By letter: 
"The Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent, Councillor (and their name)". After this you may call them "My Lord Mayor".
In a formal speech:
"The Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent, Councillor (and their name)".
The Deputy Lord Mayor is not entitled to the title "The Right Worshipful".
In a less formal speech:
"My Lord Mayor" or "Lord Mayor".
4 - The Lord Mayor is a lady, what do I call her?  
You still say Lord Mayor! Think of the office of Lord Mayor and chain, not the person. A Royal Charter grants permission to have a Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor is the official elected office holder and remains a Councillor in their ward area.
5 - Who is the Lady Mayoress?  
The Lady Mayoress accompanies and assists the Lord Mayor on occasions. The title has no inclusion in pre-ambles but should be accorded a similar respect to that of the Lord Mayor. The Lady Mayoress has no official title other than Lady Mayoress.
The Lady Mayoress is not a female Lord Mayor. If the Lord Mayor is a lady and their partner is male thy will be called Consort.
6 - When does the Lord Mayor need to speak?  
If you want the Lord Mayor to say a few words (make a speech) then the Lord Mayor should speak after the host. This usually makes the Lord Mayor the second speaker. The Lord Mayor should be announced, and a formal occasion should have preambles.
7 - What are preambles?  
Preambles are a way of acknowledging people in order of their roles
The Lord Mayor will always be the first person mentioned in the preamble unless Her Majesty The Queen or the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire is present. You do not need to mention the Lady Mayoress in the preamble.
For example an announcement could be made as follows
"My Lord Mayor
Your Excellency (the address of an Ambassador)
Member of Parliament
Ladies and Gentlemen"
"Pray silence for (the name of the speaker)"
8 - I am worried about announcing preambles!  
Contact the Lord Mayor’s Secretary for advice. It is quite possible that the Lord Mayor’s Civic Attendant/Chauffeur can do the announcing for you, or will be able to offer other assistance.
9 - What should I do when the Lord Mayor arrives?  
On arrival, the Lord Mayor (wearing the chain of office) will either have experience of your type of event, or will have read the information that you have supplied to the Councillor and Civic Support Team - Office of the Lord Mayor. Either way, someone should greet the Lord Mayor upon arrival. The event host should always meet with the Lord Mayor. You should allocate someone to accompany the Lord Mayor during the visit if the event host is otherwise engaged.
10 - If I have to meet the Lord Mayor at the Civic Centre/Stoke Town Hall?  
Introduce yourself at the reception desk, and you will be directed to the Lord Mayor's Parlour. Alternatively someone will collect you.
11 - What should I wear to a function at the Lord Mayor`s Parlour?  
The Lord Mayor will be dressed smartly as a mark of respect for invited guests, therefore it is only fitting that you try to reciprocate, not all gentlemen may have a suit, but a shirt and tie or smart shirt would be most welcome.
12 - Will the Lord Mayor come to my event? 
You will not know unless you ask! The Lord Mayor usually accepts the first invitation for a particular date providing it is appropriate for the Lord Mayor to attend. So yes, but invite the Lord Mayor as soon as possible.
13 - At formal dinners where should the Lord Mayor sit?
The Lord Mayor is regarded as the First Citizen of Stoke-on-Trent and in any formal seating arrangements (dinners etc.) the Lord Mayor should be seated on the immediate right of the host/chairperson. The only exception to this would be if the Lord-Lieutenant of Staffordshire was present in his official capacity as the Sovereign's representative, or a member of the Royal Family. In such a case they would be given precedence over the Lord Mayor.
14 - Who do I contact for more information?
The Office of the Lord Mayor - Councillor and Civic Support Team will assist you if so required to ensure your function is a success. You are more than welcome to contact the office with any query.
The Lord Mayor's address is:
Civic and Councillor Support - Office of the Lord Mayor
Civic Centre
Glebe Street
Telephone: (01782) 232625, e-mail: lord.mayor@stoke.gov.uk

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