How we are doing

The Cooperative Working programme is based on a successful pilot project called Rebalance Me, which took place in the north of the city.

This new approach is now fully 'rolled in' across the whole of the city.  

We achieved great success with our pilot scheme. It was introduced in two city wards - Little Chell and Stanfield - in 2013, and in the 18 months it was operational,190 households were supported. As a direct result, there was a sizeable reduction in anti-social behaviour (23.14 per cent) and rent arrears (16.8 per cent) in the area.

We’ve had really positive feedback from residents who have received the services. Their needs are being addressed at the first point of contact, and lives are being turned around.

You can read about some evaluation of the programme, being conducted by Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield University and Qa Research.