Family History - Certificate Index Searches

England and Wales is divided into separate registration districts.  When a birth, death or a marriage is registered the event is entered into a register in the district where the event occurred.

If the event you are hoping to trace was registered in Stoke-on-Trent you should apply to our Register Office.  We hold the registers of all births, deaths and marriages occurring within the district of Stoke-on-Trent, dating back to 1837.

Events prior to this date were not registered by central or local government. Church of England churches recorded baptisms, marriages and burials in parish registers. Most of these are now held by archive services and the ones for North Staffordshire can be consulted at Stoke on Trent City Archives.

You may also apply to the General Register Office which holds records for all births, deaths and marriages occurring within England and Wales. 


Searches of indexes

Where you provide accurate details, but we are unable to locate the record, we will search our indexes over a three year period (one before and one after the year stated). Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff to undertake protracted searches. If a wider search is required you will need to pay for a General Search.

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General Searches at Stoke-on-Trent Register Office

If you are unsure of the relevant date or other information you may make an appointment to carry out a general search. This enables you to come in person to look through our indexes for up to six hours (please refer to current fees). You will not be allowed to access the registers and a separate fee will be needed for any certificate(s) required.


Arranging for a copy of a historical record


We are only able to release details from the register in the form of a copy certificate. This is produced at a statutory fee. There is an additional fee if the certificate is required on the same day.

Certificates can be issued to anyone who is able to give us the full personal details of the person whose certificates are needed. No proof of identity is necessary.

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On-line indexes

Stoke-on-Trent Register Office has now joined with other registration services and family history societies within West Midlands and Staffordshire district.  On-line birth, death and marriage indexes are available on the internet at the following address

Please note that the indexes are not yet complete for all years and districts.  Eventually the database will cover all Stoke-on-Trent births, marriages and deaths for the years 1837 to 1950.

Some other useful links are:

Libraries in Stoke on Trent have free access to the subscription site  on which you can search the national index to certificates for England and Wales for the whole of the period 1837-2005.  Contact Stoke on Trent City Archives for further details


For all enquires please contact us

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General Register Office for Scotland
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