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Stoke-on-Trent Register Office holds registers of all births, deaths and marriages within the district dating back to 1837. 

We issue birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates at the time of registration.

There are two types of birth certificate:

  • a short certificate containing only the child's name and date of birth.  This is issued free at registration; or
  • a full certificate containing parental details along with the child's name and date of birth.

Certified copies of certificates

We provide copies of certificates.  You will be charged for copies and the cost may be higher if the certificate is:

  • needed on the same day; or
  • from an older register.

We can only provide an extract of a civil partnership certificate if addresses are not supplied for both parties at the time of registration.

How can I apply for a replacement or copy certificate?

We are only able to release details from the register in the form of a copy certificate.  This is produced at the statutory fee.  There is an additional fee if the certificate is needed on the same day.   

We can issue a certificate to anyone who is able to give us the full personal details of the person whose certificate is needed.  No proof of identity is necessary.  You will need to supply us with sufficient information so that we can find the record. 

We will search indexes for a period of three years but only where accurate details are provided. 

How you can apply:

  • Applying in person. Visit the Register Office where you can fill in the application form. Alternatively you can download and complete the application form by selecting the link at the bottom of this page and take it into the Register Office.  You can leave your completed application and payment with us and we will contact you when the certificate has been produced.
  • Applying by post. Apply in writing for certificates enclosing correct payment and a stamped address envelope. If you do not supply a stamped addressed envelope you must enclose payment for postage, If you apply by post and we can't find the certificate we will return your fee to you. If you are applying outside the UK please enclose two international reply coupons to cover the required postage or email us to request postage costs for your country. You can download and complete and application form from the link at the bottom of this page. Cheques should be made payable to Stoke on Trent City Council.
  • Applying online.  Complete an application form by clicking on the links below, an officer will contact you shortly regarding your request and to take a payment.

Please click here to view our current fees and charges.

For more information please contact;

Registration Service
Register Office
Hanley Town Hall
Albion Street

Tel: 01782 235260
Out of hours tel no: Stoke-on-call - 01782 234234
Fax  01782 235258
Email register.office@stoke.gov.uk



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