Residents Associations

What is a residents' association?

A residents' association is a group of people living in an area who have come together on a voluntary basis to take up local issues and to bring the community together.

Why set up a residents' association?

Residents' associations usually come into being because:

  • the area needs more facilities,
  • residents are dissatisfied with the services they receive,
  • people want estate-based social events and outings,
  • residents are worried about a particular issue,
  • people want to improve community spirit,
  • coming together as a group provides one voice, and that voice becomes more powerful,
  • they are a way of receiving information and keeping local residents informed of what is going on locally
  • they can work with other local groups for mutual benefit.

We take tenants' and residents' associations very seriously in Stoke-on-Trent.

Our list of Residents Associations is split into northern, central and southern sections, for a list of each section please see the related links below. N.B.. Information included in the documents below are the details of Residents' Associations that have given permission for their information to be published.

If you need any information about these residents' associations please look at the relevant document below or contact the Tenant Involvement Team on 01782 23 5916 or email


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