No Cold Calling Zones

What is a No Cold Calling Zone?

These are areas in the city where cold callers are discouraged from calling. The scheme is designed to reduce the number of incidents of distraction burglary and rogue trading.

Rogue traders tell householders that work needs doing, carrying out shoddy work at extortionate prices, or pressure sell poor quality items at inflated prices.

The zones are not designed to stop:

  • Regular roundsmen such as your milkman or paperboy.
  • Regular callers like Avon and Betterware who just leave a catalogue.
  • Utility services such as Gas and Electric companies who call to read your meter.
  • Political groups canvassing for election purposes and at other times throughout the year.
  • Religious groups

Who runs them?

Trading Standards work with the Police, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue and the City Council Neighbourhood teams.

Why have you chosen these areas?

The areas will have been chosen because they are an area which is vulnerable to doorstep crime.

Vulnerability can be measured in many ways but it may be:

  • an area where most of the residents are elderly
  • an area where there has been a high level of recorded crime, such as distraction burglary
  • where there is an isolated area of a small number of properties.


We provide residents in this area with:

  • street signs on lamp posts to warn traders.
  • information on how to deal with cold callers should the lamp post signage be ignored;
  • door/window stickers;


How can I set one up in my area?

Contact us on 01782 232065 for an information toolkit on how to set one up in your area.