Licensing Act

Electronic Applications for Vary DPS (Designated Premise Supervisor) now accepted. Follow the link here (more details below)

The Licensing Act gives the city council responsibility for a new integrated licensing system, bringing together licensing for alcohol, public entertainment, cinemas, theatres, late night refreshment houses and night cafes.

These changes affect anyone concerned with:

  • pubs and nightclubs;
  • indoor sporting events;
  • off-licences;
  • restaurants that serve alcohol;
  • businesses offering hot food between 11 pm and 5 am (with certain exceptions);
  • hotels, guest houses and other places that sell alcohol;
  • private members' clubs and social clubs;
  • theatres and amateur dramatic groups;
  • cinemas;
  • organisers of occasional entertainments.

Streamlined System

Under the existing licensing systems alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment are licensed separately, magistrates dealing with alcohol and councils dealing with refreshment and public entertainment. The new regime amalgamates the existing systems under the supervision of the local licensing authority, with three main licenses (Premises Licence, Personal Licence, Club Premises Certificate) and one notice (Temporary Event Notice). The government hopes this will simplify the area of licensing.

Personal Licences

A personal license authorises the person specified to sell or supply alcohol in accordance with a premises licence. Personal licences are 'portable'. Click here to search the public register.

To apply for a personal licence click here

Click here for the full list of accredited personal licence qualification providers

Changes to a Personal Licence (change of name, address, lost or stolen) click here

Renewal of Personal Licences

The requirement to renew personal licences has been abolished with effect from 1st April 2015. Therefore a personal licence will remain valid unless surrendered, suspended or forfeited.

Premises Licences

A premises licence will allow the holder to use specified ‘licensed premises’ for ‘licensable activities’ (the sale and supply of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment and the provision of late night refreshment). The new licence will have no expiry date unless otherwise requested. Another key element of the new premises licence is that a ‘designated premises supervisor’ must be named in the licence (where the sale and supply of alcohol is concerned). This is the person who is responsible for the supervision of the licensed premises. The designated premises supervisor must also hold a personal licence. Click here to search the public register.


You can apply on-line for Change of DPS now. Click here for the DPS Consent Form complete and save it locally. Click here for GOV.UK website where you can complete the electronic form and pay by credit card.

Club Premise Certificate

A Club Premise Certificate will provide authorisation for qualifying clubs to use their premises for qualifying club activities. The club premises certificate will have no expiry date unless otherwise requested. Qualifying club activities are the supply of alcohol to a club member for consumption on the premises, the sale by retail of alcohol to a guest of a member for consumption on the premises and the provision of regulated entertainment for club members and guests. Click here to search the public register.

Temporary Event Notice

These notices replace the existing ‘occasional permissions’ and ‘occasional licences’ systems and relate to temporary events, where ‘licensable activities’ are planned, but no premises licence or club premises certificate is held. Effectively these allow premises to be used for licensed activities on a ‘one-off' basis.

To view the temporary event notice form click here

Licensing Act Policy 2014-2019 click here to view

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