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If you occupy premises for non-domestic use, you’ll need to pay the business rates. Even if you rent the premises and your tenancy agreement includes business rates, you will be sent the bill, not the landlord. As the occupier, it is your responsibility to ensure that payments are made.

Your property’s rateable value is an estimate of the annual rent that would be paid for the property at a fixed date two years before the beginning of the ratings list. This is set by the Valuation Office Agency which reassesses the ratings list every five years.

The Valuation Office Agency has just carried out a re-evaluation. This has been done to make sure the system stays fair by sharing the total amount payable across all rateable properties while reflecting changes in the property market. It does not affect the overall amount of money raised by business rates. Click here to read more on the Valuation Office Agency website.

You can find and review your rateable valuable on the VOA website. If you believe your 2017 rateable value is not correct, follow the instructions on their website.

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You don’t have to pay business rates on empty buildings for three months. After this time, most businesses must pay full business rates.

Paying business rates does not pay for trade waste collection. Click here for more information on our trade waste services.

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Rateable Value
Each non-domestic property has a ‘rateable value’ set by the Valuation Office Agency, who reassesses them every five years to reflect changes in the property market.

Business Rates are calculated as follows:
Rateable Value x National Non-Domestic Rating Multiplier = Business Rate

For example, if your rateable value was £20,000, we would multiply this by 49.3p, the standard rate for 2015/16. So the amount that you pay for the year would be £9,860.

Financial Year Standard
Non-Domestic Rating Multiplier
Small Business Non-Domestic Rating Multiplier
2017 - 2018 47.9p 46.6p
2016 - 2017 49.7p 48.4p
2015 - 2016 49.3p 48.0p
2014 - 2015 48.2p 47.1p
2013 - 2014 47.1p 46.2p
2012 - 2013 45.8p 45.0p
2011 - 2012  43.3p 42.6p
2010 - 2011 41.4p 40.7p


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