Information for Working Parents

A family.

This section covers information for working parents.

Juggling work and home responsibilities can often be hard, particularly when raising a family.

As an employed working parent, you have a number of legal rights to support you as well as various forms of financial help.

When you or your partner gives birth or adopts a child, you may be entitled to take time off through Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave or Adoption Leave.

As your child is growing up, you may also be entitled to take more time off through Parental Leave.

In the case of an emergency, involving anybody who is dependant on you, the law allows you to take reasonable Time Off for Dependants to sort the emergency out.

Whether you are working full time, have a part-time job or are self-employed, there may also be some financial help available for you to Help with Childcare Costs.

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