Children's Centres

A baby laughing

Children's centres in Stoke-on-Trent are making a huge difference to the lives of thousands of families across the city. Dedicated teams of professionals in child care, child development, health and social care are working closely with parents to make sure our children are given the very best start in life.

Children's centres provide a range of services for families and others caring for children under five.

Each centre has been designed according to local need so they will vary slightly, but all have some common services that are available to any family in Stoke on Trent with a pre-school child or families who are expecting a child.  These include:

  • family support and outreach services
  • information and advice on childcare and early learning
  • health services
  • links to Jobcentre Plus
  • support for childminders

The centres work with other local organisations, so if there is something they can't help you with they will usually be able to give you details of an agency that can. 

Please click here to view a map of existing Children's Centres in Stoke-on-Trent

For more information about children's centres, where they are and what they offer, please click here.