Graffiti and fly posting removal

Graffiti and fly-posting is an offence under the Criminal Damage Act of 1971. It costs us and private property owners thousands of pounds to remove it. It can also sometimes be offensive. Our rapid response teams carry out cleaning activities to remove graffiti and fly-posting.

When you report graffiti that is racist, abusive or rude our contact centre keeps records through the Partnership Approach to Racial Incidents in North Staffordshire (PARINS) reporting system.

What the service provides

We will remove graffiti found on council land or buildings and all street furniture, excluding British Telecom (BT) phone boxes.

If the graffiti is on private land or buildings, we will try to get the owner to remove it. If the owner can't do it but gives consent and signs a disclaimer we will arrange to remove it for them.

If the owner of the private land or building does not allow us to remove it, we won't be able to. In these cases we work alongside other agencies, like the North Staffs Racial Equality Council and Mediation Services to have it removed.

Q. How do I report graffiti or fly-posting?

A. To report graffiti or fly-posting you can fill in our online form by following this link or phone 01782 234234.

Q. What if I can't pay?

A. Our priority is to make sure that the graffiti is removed in the first instance. All reasonable costs will be recovered on a case by case basis.

Q. How will the graffiti be removed?

A. We might use a high pressure water jet with detergent. Or we may simply paint over it if this is quicker or if it is dangerous to use water, for example an electrical hazard. Our employees will use all reasonable care when carrying out the work.

Q. What if you damage my property?

A. We won't start any work until you give us your consent and sign a disclaimer form. This disclaimer is your acceptance that we take no responsibility for damage caused by the removal process or if we need to carry out any further maintenance. We'll also tell you how we're going to remove the graffiti before we start any work. All our employees who do this type of work are fully trained to use the equipment to remove graffiti. They will always take the greatest care when carrying out this work.