Environmental Crime Unit

A unit targeting environmental crime was launched on 1 September 2010.

The team are covering the following areas:

  • Waste offences (fly tipping, irresponsible control of household and trade waste, dog fouling, litter)
  • Highways offences (obstruction, damage, graffiti, fly posting and unauthorised advertisements)
  • Vehicle offences (abandonment, on street repairs and car sales)
  • Properties in a state of disrepair

Each of these activities has the potential to damage the attractiveness of a local area, and so are classed as environmental crimes.

Report environmental crime to us using the link from this page, or call us on 01782 234234.

Getting Tough on Enviro-Crime


As part of a long term drive to clean up the city's streets, we are patrolling the city streets in order to target people dropping litter. People caught dropping litter, will be issued with a £80 fixed penalty notice (a fine).

If the penalty is paid within seven days it will be reduced to £50. If you pay the £80 in full within 14 days no further action will be taken. The maximum penalty if the offender is taken to a Magistrates Court is £2500

To find out more about litter click here



Fly-tipping is a serious offence. Where residents can be identified as having dumped or abandoned waste, the council has the power to recover the costs of cleaning the waste away and disposing of it. 

We have been identifying incidents of fly-tipping in the city. As well as clearing the waste away, we gather evidence in order to prosecute the offenders who dumped the waste.

To find out more about fly tipping and how to report it click here.

There is a poster at the bottom of this page that shows you how to manage your waste properly so you don't get a fixed penalty notice (a fine).

To view the poster you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader please click here.


Dog Fouling

In most areas of Stoke-on-Trent it is a criminal offence not to clean up after your dog. If you don't "bag it and bin it" you risk on the spot £50 fines (fixed penalty notices), or up to £1000 if we take you to court.

Click here to find out more about dog fouling issues.


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