Stoke Town Regeneration

Stoke Town Regeneration

Stoke Town has the potential to develop as a vibrant quarter of Stoke-on-Trent City Centre, connecting with the activity of the train station and UniQ and using the catalyst of the former Spode factory to create a new identity for itself as the 'western quarter' of the City Centre spine.

Stoke Town centre can provide a complementary offer to the core City Centre and develop a niche role through the promotion of creative activity within the Spode works, making the most of the sites heritage and by the contemporary development of the built environment. The council will continue to support town centre activity with high quality housing developments throughout the town, public realm improvements and other projects which will drive additional footfall into the town centre.

A masterplan for Stoke town was, following significant public consultation, approved by the council in November 2011 (click here to read the Stoke Town Masterplan.) The masterplan puts forward an exciting vision for the town and this is now being progressed by bringing forward housing sites for development, undertaking the initial phase of activity at the Spode site and private sector investment in the town.

At the core of the plans to rejuvenate the town centre are the proposals to establish the Spode Creative Village in the former spode factory. This will be the single largest concentration of creative practitioners in the city and comprise an exciting mix of artist studios, gallery, event space, creative workspace, officers, retail, student accommodation and residential uses. The aim is to take advantage of the market interest in the site and the council’s ability to access public sector grants to begin significant regeneration of the site. The 10-acre former factory site, which is owned by the council, lies in the heart of the town centre and its regeneration provides the opportunity to bring new activity to the town centre.

The council is flexible about the final mix of distributions of uses on the former Spode factory site and so long as it contributes to achieve the following aims:-

  • Create a vibrant mixed-use scheme that connects successfully with both Stoke town centre and the City Centre
  • Create a focus to grow the creative industries in the city, including studios, gallery and event space
  • Use the site as a catalyst to regenerate Stoke town
  • Celebrate the site history by making the best use of the key heritage buildings
  • Explore the opportunity for green energy supply through a proposed district heating initiative 

The council is now working to take forward the regeneration of the former Spode site . The council will act as lead developer, implementing a phased development of the site, by undertaking development itself and working with partners to deliver mixed use development across the site. The British Ceramics Biennial took place on the site in 2013 and it is anticipated that the first new permanent uses will come on stream in 2015.

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