Stoke Town Regeneration

Stoke Town Regeneration

Project Summery

The vision for Stoke Town: Stoke Town has the potential to develop as a vibrant quarter of Stoke-on-Trent City Centre, connecting with the activity of the train station and UniQ and using the catalyst of the former Spode factory to create a new identity for itself as the 'western quarter' of the City Centre spine.

A masterplan for Stoke town was approved by the council in November 2011 (click here to read the Stoke Town Masterplan.) New housing, workspace and public realm improvements will help to drive investment and additional footfall into the town centre; this renaissance will be led by development of the former Spode factory.

Spode Creative Village: At the core of the plans to rejuvenate the town centre are the proposals to establish the Spode Creative Village in the former Spode factory. The 10-acre site, which is owned by the council, lies in the heart of the town centre and its regeneration provides the opportunity to bring new activity to the town centre.

The council is flexible with the final uses of the site, but we envisage the creation of a vibrant creative community:

  • Artist studios, creative workspace, gallery and exhibition space, niche retail
  • A new Spode “urban village” of apartments and student accommodation
  • New connections within the site and links with the town centre to drive increased footfall
  • Celebrating the heritage of the site through visitor attractions
  • Ensuring that all developments meet our stringent environmental requirements. This includes exploring links with the new district heating system.

Project Programme

The council is now leading the phased regeneration of the former Spode factory. The British Ceramics Biennial took place on the site in 2013 and it is anticipated that the first new permanent uses will begin in 2015.

Costs & Funding

Redevelopment of Stoke Town has the potential to create 500 jobs over the next 5 years and attract £25m in investment. The Council is providing £1m for remediation works and a further £2m for the wider town centre. Grants from HLF, the Arts Council and EU will be used where appropriate.

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