Enson works heritage

Enson works past present and future

The historic Enson works historic on Normacot Road in Longton is being given a new lease of life as the Centre of Refurbishment Excellence thanks to a Heritage Lottery Grant and European Regional Development Fund Grant

To celebrate and conserve its history, a Heritage Lottery Funded project brought together the local community to share its memories and transform the site’s fourth kiln on Short Street into a free memory exhibition. The exhibition is open every weekday, 9am - 5pm* and not only showcases the history and objects of the site, but offers the unique opportunity to see the crown of the bottle oven from above. It also acts as a time-capsule to store and share local people’s memories from in and around Longton.

About the exhibition
The exhibition includes:

  • An animated history of the Enson Works
  • An interactive memory map of Longton
  • An exhibition and film about Longton’s historic beerhouses
  • Kiln crown viewing platform
  • And much more…

This small exhibition is completely automated and unmanned, meaning that no funding is required to keep it open. Once you open the doors, the lights automatically turn on, and when you leave, the door locks behind you. The exhibition is open every weekday except bank holidays, Christmas and when the temperature is below 0C.

All the exhibition material is shown on digital screens, powered by the solar panels on the roof, meaning that it can be expanded and updated with a few clicks on a computer, and you can still add your memory from home.

You can see a sneak preview by clicking on the links below:

How to find us:
Download our memory trail or view our interactive memory map to find directions to the site and learn more about Longton’s past. Then pick up an access code from CoRE reception, Longton Library or Gladstone Pottery Museum, enter it into the key pad on Short Street and push open the door.

Share your memories
Listening to Longton audio recorder loan from the City Archives
Do you have a special memory about Longton that you want to share or do you want to preserve a story from a friend or relative? Then why not borrow an audio recorder from Stoke-on-Trent City Archives and add your stories to our memory trail. Loans are free to anyone with a Stoke-on-Trent library card and full instructions are provided.

Share on Twitter
If you or your friend has a short recollection to share that is less than 140 characters in length, you can add it to our collection on Twitter. Go to twitter.com and either sign in or follow the steps to create an account. Then click “compose tweet” and type in your memory, followed by #Longtonheritage, and then click “tweet”. Your recollection will then be displayed on our memory wall.

We already have over 150 memories shared and all the stories we collect will feature in our free exhibition. Click here to listen to some of our latest stories

Help us ensure that Longton's history isn't lost forever.

For more information visit www.core-skills.com/about/heritage/


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