City Waterside

City Waterside

City Waterside is an example of a multi-agency approach to a pioneering urban neighbourhood development. The regeneration programme draws on the heritage of the area and aims to create a vibrant community in an expanded community where people want to live and work. The area is also ideally located to exploit the natural leisure and recreational opportunities afforded by the Caldon Canal.

The boundary to the area includes 67 hectares of land immediately southeast of the City Centre, and was formerly characterised by industrial activities associated with pottery manufacture serviced by surrounding terraced workers housing. This has now been superseded by cleared sites with new residential redevelopment completed, on site or waiting planning approval. In addition:

  • The HCA continues to play a strategic role in the regeneration of the area. Investment in residential redevelopment has included the Amphora site on the former Hanley Pottery (£3m), Caldon Quay site at Ridgeway Road (£2.7m), Johnsons Wharf site on the former Trent Bathrooms Factory (£3.0m) Ivy House Mills on the former Tullis Russell Factory site (£2.1m) and RBGH housing renovation project on Balfour Street (£1m)
  • More than £100m of public sector regeneration investment has seen the removal of more than 800 empty, unpopular and unfit dwellings which have already been replaced with more than 500 of the 1,750 planned new homes
  • The public realm has been enhanced using a unique palette of materials and improved transport links including the new Bridgewater footbridge have been provided
  • Goodwin International Ltd. continue the expansion of their engineering operations and training facilities on the former Eagle Pottery site (Jubilee Project)
  • The city council act as landlord for the Bridgewater Pottery buildings hosting the expanding Emma Bridgewater pottery firm on Lichfield Street. These premises were purchased early in the renewal programme to secure local employment opportunities.

City Waterside Programme Highlights

  • Waterside Primary School, Eastwood Road - newly-opened in 2008 and subsequently expanded on the former Imperial Pottery site.
  • Spine Road - bisecting east to west and now partially constructed with final completion linked to planning requirements for new developments.
  • Substantial public realm enhancements include upgraded canal towpath, street lighting, and pavements.
  • Hard landscaping projects completed on Lichfield Street and Bucknall New Road.
  • Amphora residential development - 71 homes now completed and sold by Keepmoat.
  • Waters Edge residential development on the former Eagle Pottery site. 160 homes completed and sold by Redrow.
  • Johnsons Wharf residential development - 136 dwellings now completed by Ben Bailey
  • Caldon Quay residential development - 91 new homes under construction and for sale by Lovell
  • Ivy House Mills residential development – 63 homes under construction

City Waterside Project Pipeline

Bridgewater Site – an integrated mixed development is to be implemented for the cleared site which would see commercial development on the main Lichfield Street (A50) frontage and high quality housing to the north and south of the canal. The green central spine of the site is aimed at providing training, educational and activity space linked with and complementing the enhanced visitor attraction at the adjacent Emma Bridgewater Pottery.

Wellington Road sites – comprising the cleared Dresden Street, Bucknall New Road and Ludlow Street sites, they jointly provide the opportunity for well serviced edge of city centre living. Following extensive marketing and developer appointment in 2014 there will be a phased release of new homes over a four-year period linked to prevailing local market conditions.

Wedgwood Garden, Johnsons Wharf and Ben Bailey Homes
City Waterside Project Case Studies

The former Trent Bathrooms factory site forms one of the largest housing development sites in the City Waterside area.

To date developer Ben Bailey has constructed more than 150 new homes on the site with a further 200 units under construction along with a small park adjacent to Caldon Canal to the north. The scheme is receiving approximately £5.7m in gap funding jointly from the HCA and the city council with site completion planned for 2020. Current phases of the development include 2 bedroom apartments and 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses that have a full set of appliances fitted as standard. Prices are generally range between £100,000 and £150,000 with a variety of incentive and discount schemes available to new buyers.