City Waterside

City Waterside

City Waterside is a flagship regeneration project designed to create a new neighbourhood next to the Caldon Canal close to Stoke-on-Trent City Centre. Set on a south-facing hillside overlooking green fields and with distant views of the Staffordshire Moorlands the redevelopment has achieved much already, whilst further regeneration is planned.

The City Waterside area was once a centre for pottery manufacture, with a number of factories and canal wharfs. Most workers lived in streets of terraced houses surrounding the potteries where they were employed.

Today the vision for City Waterside is for a sustainable community within a lively city environment with high quality homes and high quality public open spaces. It will complement the improvements in the nearby city centre and feature the leisure and recreational opportunities afforded by the Caldon Canal.

City Waterside is now becoming an exciting mix of new housing, renovated ‘heritage’ housing and new community facilities.

The 67 hectare site will see the construction of around 1,750 new homes from an overall investment approaching £200m.