Pre-application Advice

Our approach
Mandate for Change sets our vision to say yes to good development quickly and openly. To help us achieve this, Stoke-on-Trent City Council offers a pre-application advice service.

Our pre-application advice service provides you with an opportunity to discuss your proposals with the planning team before the submission of your application. 

It is particularly important for large scale schemes which represent significant investment in the city and which can have a major impact on the local area.

To facilitate the pre-application process we offer four levels of service:

Development Team Service: An enhanced service for large scale and complex development proposals that may involve the use of a PPA.

Major Development Service: A service for medium size commercial and residential proposals.

Minor Advice Service: A service for small scale proposals including commercial buildings, change of use and engineering proposals.

Duty Planning Service: A free service intended to provide basic planning advice.

Please note that these services can only be used where it has been established that planning permission is required.

If you wish to establish whether planning permission is required, please see the section below.

How to request our service
All requests must be made using the Pre-application Request Form.

If you wish to establish whether planning permission is required in the first instance, please use the ‘Do I need Planning Permission’ page.

A schedule of the pre-application charges can be seen here.

Please note that payment by cheque may result in a delay to the timescales for pre-application advice. Requesting an invoice means payment can be made by BACS or Credit Card.

The status of our advice
We aim to provide clear and consistent advice based upon the information available to us. All advice is given in good faith and based upon the information we have at the time. Any views expressed by officers are done so without prejudice to the consideration of any future planning application.

In some cases, the council commits to providing advice which will fall to be considered as a material planning consideration in the determination of the planning application. However, this is wholly dependent upon which pre-application service is chosen by the customer [see detailed information under each category]. It is important to stress that all planning applications will be subject to statutory consultation and publicity. Officers cannot and do not guarantee that planning permission will be granted.

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