Pictures of litter

Litter makes the city look unattractive and can cause further problems like attracting pests.

Anyone that drops litter in a public place is committing a crime. As part of a long term drive to clean up the city's streets, we are patrolling the city streets in order to target people dropping litter. People caught dropping litter, will be issued with a £80 fixed penalty notice (a fine).

If the penalty is paid within seven days it will be reduced to £50. If you pay the £80 in full within 14 days no further action will be taken. The maximum penalty if the offender is taken to a Magistrates Court is £2500

Smoking Related Litter
Smoking related rubbish is now the UK's biggest litter problem, with cigarette litter reported to be found on 78% of our streets.

Research shows that smokers usually drop their cigarette ends on the floor because they believe that they have nowhere else to put them. If you are a smoker please put out your cigarette ends and put them in the bin.

Food Litter

Food litter attracts pests such as mice and rats. The more food pests have, the more they will breed.

For more information on food litter please click the link on the left to be taken to the Keep Britain Tidy Food Litter Web Page.

Contact Us

If you wish to report littering :
• call our litter hotline on 01782 234234
• text us on 07786 200700
• complete our online form - click here to go to the form


There are some posters at the bottom of this page that raise awareness of littering and littering enforcement,  To view the posters you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader please click here. If you are using access technology please click here to convert the file into html

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