Healthcare waste

We will collect non-infectious healthcare waste via your normal refuse collection bin.

In most cases, non-infectious healthcare waste will include used sanitary or incontinence pads, nappies and also ‘ostomy’ appliances, whether generated by a healthcare practitioner providing home treatment in the first instance or subsequently by your own treatment at home.

Your healthcare practitioner will advise you whether your used healthcare products are classed as ‘non-infectious’ as above or ‘infectious’. If they are classed as 'infectious' your Primary Care Trust (PCT) will provide specific colour-coded sacks and make their own arrangements to collect your healthcare wastes. This is to make sure that coloured sacks are not mixed with ‘black sack’ household rubbish collected the city council.

You should not dispose of healthcare coloured sacks in any of your normal rubbish or recycling bins in case it causes harm to people who may come into contact with it.

We can't collect sharps or syringes whether contained or loose - your Primary Care Trust (PCT), community nurse or healthcare professional will make arrangements for the safe disposal of these items.

You should put non-infectious pads and drained ‘ostomy’ appliances in black sacks and place them in your normal bin. If you need a larger volume bin please call us on 01782 234234 or email