Discovery Academy

Discovery Academy

School’s Vision and Ethos

The Discovery Academy is sponsored by Stoke on Trent College and was established in September 2011 to replace Mitchell High School and Edensor High School. It is currently operating from two sites (Discovery North and Discovery South).

The 11-16 Academy provides a first-class learning environment for local students, bringing together teaching staff of the highest quality, state-of-the-art building design and the very latest in new technologies. It offers a broad-based curriculum based around its specialist fields – Business, Enterprise, Innovation and Technologies. Its ethos is to combine high quality learning and teaching with challenge, creativity and fun. Its goal is to support students as they discover their unique strengths, enabling them to become confident adults with a positive outlook on life and an understanding of the great contributions they can all make.

Design and Construction (Wates)

The BSF programme is delivering a new building for the Discovery Academy on the Willfield site in Bentilee. The new build Academy will provide space for up to 1200 pupils aged 11-16. Post-16 provision can also be made through close links with Stoke on Trent College and other providers.

Construction started in June 2011 (demolition of existing buildings and treatment of mine shafts on the Willfield site) and was completed by September 2013. The new building will provide teaching and learning environments that are aligned with workplace scenarios and experiences, equipping students with real-world skills and expectations.

Key features of the design include:

  • New entrance from Lauder Place to promote openness and accessibility for the school and the community
  • Flexible working areas and new technologies throughout to open up multi-media dimensions to all learning and provide spaces for student-centred learning (open plan and active zones, small, quiet spaces to work alone or in a small group)
  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning Foundations: providing increased access to ICT outside the classroom and supporting students’ learning outside normal Academy hours.
  • Fast internet connections to enable national and international communications via video and web conferencing
  • First class sporting facilities: a purpose-built sports hall, all weather pitch, dance studio, gymnasium and health suite (all available for community use)