Stoke Central Parliamentary by-election

A by-election has been called in the constituency of Stoke-on-Trent Central, due to the resignation of MP Tristram Hunt.

Winning candidate

 Gareth Snell  Labour  7853


Mohammed Yaqub Akram Independent  56
Zulfiqar Ali Liberal Democrats  2083
Jack Brereton Conservatives  5154
The Incredible Flying Brick Official Monster Raving Loony Party   127
Adam Colclough Green Party  294
Godfrey Davies Christian Peoples Alliance  109
Barbara Fielding Independent  137
David Furness British National Party Local People First    124
Paul Nuttall UKIP  5233
Gareth Snell Labour  7853

The total number of ballot papers counted was 21,200

  • 4,335 postal votes
  • 16,865 polling votes

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:

  • 10 More candidates than voter was entitled to
  • 2 Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified
  • 18 Unmarked or void for uncertainty
  • The total number of ballot papers rejected was 30


  • Out of an electorate of 55,572 people
  • Turnout 38.16 per cent.

The by-election was held on Thursday, February 23.


Click here for the statement of persons nominated and notice of poll

Click here for the election agents' notice

Below are links to guidance for candidates and agents, the nominations pack, the timetable and a map of the constituency.

Click here to read the guidance for candidates and agents on the Electoral Commission website

Click here to see a map of the constituency

Click here to read the Parliamentary nomination pack

Click here to read the timetable for the Stoke Central election

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