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(If you are adopted, records of adoptions in England and Wales are held by the Register General. These relate to persons who have been adopted since 1 January 1927 un der the Adoption acts. Applications for Adoptions Certificates should be made in writing to Adoptions section, Office for National Statistics, Smedley Hydro, Birkdale, Southport, PR8 2HH)

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Details of birth certificate required

Full name at birth (Forenames)
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Fathers full name
Mothers full name
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Second birth certificate details required

2. Surname
2. Full name at birth (Fornames)
2. Date of birth
2. Place of birth (full address or name of hospital)
2. Fathers full name
2. Mothers full name
2. Maiden surname

Third birth certificate details required

3. Surname
3. Full name at Birth (forenames)
3. Date of birth
3. Place of birth (full address or name of hospital)
3. Fathers full name
3. Mothers full name
3. Maiden surname

A. Standard birth certificate

 This is a full copy of the birth entry and includes particulars of parentage and registration.

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B. Short birth certificate

A short certificate shows only the name and surname, sex, date of birth and district of birth, it does not show details of parentage.

You are required to state the precise date and place of birth and the full name and surname of the person whose certificate is sought, with (as exactly as possible) the names and surnames of the parents and the mother’s maiden surname.  If you require a short birth certificate and are able to give full details please complete this form.  Unless the full particulars are given a short certificate may not be supplied.

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