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Early Years Intervention ServicePages about the Early Years Intervention ServiceEating Well To Be WellEat well to be well award for businesses and schoolsEating Well To Be Well AwardInformation to help you make healthy food choicesEcology & natural heritageInformation about sites of specific scientific interest in Stoke-on-Trent, local wildlife sites and the world of the city council's design and heritage team.EducationGiving future generations and adults the education, qualifications and skills they need to succeedElectionsElections and Ward information for Stoke-on-TrentElement 1: Better busesInformation about the buses element of the TravelSmart schemeElement 2: Smart choicesSmart Choices categoryElement 3: Cycling and walkingInformation about the TravelSmart scheme relating to cycling and walking.Employment and Training InitiativesInformation on training for jobs including JETs Empty HomesInformation to owners on the impact of empty homes on the community, various solutions and enforcement methods. EnergiseInformation on the Energise schemeEnglish and Maths Courses English and Maths CoursesEnvironmentEveryone who lives in, works in, invests in and visits the City benefits from a better local environmentEnvironmental CrimeInformation on the environmental crime unit and how they can help with fly tipping, dog fouling, littering Environmental Health Environmental Permitting Environmental PermittingEquality and DiversityStoke-on-Trent City Council is committed to creating a city that is fair, open and inclusiveEquality informationGeneral information on equality and diversityEventsFind out about our current events in Stoke-on-TrentExternal FundingInformation on the external funding team